Message from the CEO

Born and nurtured from an under privileged area, I lived my life growing up in search for daily bread shuttling between village to village all day.

Accessing basic healthcare services has been and is still a major hurdle to cross for many of my kind including women and children in rural and some urban communities. Seeing and witnessing the difficulties people go through to be able access healthcare in the midst long distance, poor roads and high cost saddens my heart.

With this well-equipped hospital set up at a central location such as Abofour, brings a sight of relieve to the people in around the community. This facility was founded to bridge the gap between the poor and the rich in accessing health care delivery. Giant steps have been taken to provide free healthcare care to identified needy and sick people in the community and its neighboring towns. The hospital is a haven for the sick, lame and marginalized in the society.

I encourage you all to see the name of the hospital to be synonymous to quality patient care services.  I also call on benevolent organizations and philanthropist to collaborate with us in ensuring that services that we seek to deliver are carried out diligently as we play our daily roles in touching lives and putting smiles in the faces of the deprived.